We can help you

build a successful event.

Finding labor for an event is a challenge, whether it is local temp labor, work exchange labor, or volunteer groups. Once you have the labor then there is proper supervision, training, keeping track…etc.

Our team of professionals works with your event in the following:

  • Finding and securing labor. Working with local labor companies and work exchange programs
  • Coordinate with each of the event departments to find out their labor needs.
  • Facilitate personnel services such as credentials, check in & out, meals, uniforms, camping
  • Maintain Accurate tracking of staff hours
  • Coordinate as needed to ensure the general wellbeing of the personnel
  • Supervise the transportation of staff to and from work assignments.

We believe in providing the labor force with an organized, coordinated, and respectful lead the event will benefit by having an enthusiastic and committed work force.